Festive and Reflective

The year of 2016 was odd. It seems, now that I can look back, that I was floating, getting by, surviving the humdrum’s I guess you could say. Wisdom says that stage of life can be necessary to grow. Logic says that stage will probably happen more than once in my lifetime. My ID just groans. I don’t want this to turn into a sermon, and I will try to keep the bubbly inspirational stuff for facebook, but as another year comes to a close, I want to take this time to reflect and perhaps share some of my revelations — sub title: Reiterations for the Mind. (I like that.)


  • Never give up! Never Surrender! – This is a great one. It may be instantly recognizable to some of you, but  for those who don’t know the reference it can still pack a punch. The act of giving up, surrendering can be far too easy a goal. In a world where civilization slows down for no one and the pressure to not only succeed but simply survive can be overwhelming, it’s easy to sit by and do nothing, but it’s never the right choice. Fuck man, I know how hard it is to try when all the try is gone out of you. But what do we do? Never give up! Never surrender!
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. – This is another great one to keep in mind. For those who don’t know this one by heart, it’s known as “The Golden Rule.” Too often have I turned my callous mind to judge matters I knew nothing about, a simple passerby with a scornful eye. I don’t need to be that way. The world has enough negativity without me adding to the pool. The answer, or one that works for me, is to remind myself to be a good Samaritan in all situations. Sometimes the reminder is a daily mantra. I may not always understand the world around me, but I do choose how I react to it.
  • It’s okay to slow down. – Years ago, this would be around the time I started paying income taxes, I woke up late for work. My not uncommon ailment of being a night owl pushed me into a rush to get ready in record time. Once I got into the car and started driving through town, I made a mistake and ended up causing a wreck — all because I was in a hurry. My common sense was smothered by my lack of judgment. The experience is universal in America and the rest of the world. Some places might be safer, but no one is the exception. Unless you grow up in a tribe somewhere in the Amazon, you will likely have some kind of contact with cars. Looking around in the chaos we call life, we are all guilty of trying to reach the goal without appreciating the journey.

In the end, all I can do is try to stay positive. It’s not easy. Some days, it’s a chore to keep my tongue on a leash. Some days my tongue runs loose and my state of mind is the only target, but that’s life right? Isn’t that the struggle every human deals with? I don’t know.