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The distance between two points is not always so clear. Similar to the switchback roads up mountain sides, each hairpin turn holds potential to upset the journey, the story. It happens with the sudden loss of traction. Before you know it, an entire year is gone, and a little more opportunity slides down the hillside in a miniature landslide. To writers of all sort, it happens all the time. Even within our stories, the characters we birth tend to live life by their own standards, effectively derailing the writers train of thought. There are other reasons a story might find a detour: lack of time, lack of effort, lack of confidence, and lack of space.

I fully intended The Market in Murder to take place within three segments. Each would likewise revolve around a different character, spotlighting the story in separate shades distress. In part one (as you may have read in my previous post), we meet Jenna Holsteen and witness her abduction. Part two flashes forward by an entire year. We learn there is another abduction, but this time the story focuses on a neighborhood meeting where the neighbors argue over retaliation. In part three we get to see how the neighborhood planned to find and rectify the plague of abductions in their area, we get to meet our mystery man. Using the internet, multiple pedophiles are lured in until the kidnapper is found. None go unpunished. The idea behind the story was to show the lengths people will go when they believe they are in the right, when their actions are justified by narrow views and selfish motivation.

The story is not forgotten, for those who are interested, but it is on a back burner at the moment. Without sugar coating it, I bit off more than I can chew, which is usually the case with my story ideas. Part one came out short and sweet . . . it was perfect. Part three will be equally short. Part two is the problem, more specifically, the neighborhood meeting is the problem. There are too many characters involved. I either need more space introduce each character, or cut some of them out. It’s going to take some thought to figure out. If I can’t find time to figure it out soon, I may start another short story.

Anyway, I know there has been a long gap between posts, and most of it I can blame only on myself. Life happened, but 2017 feels like a new start. The horizon is there, if we only take the time to search for it, you can always see the bright glow of the future materializing in the distance.

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